About Us

Our Mission:
A Little Hero’s mission is to empower imagination and create real world heroes!
Little Hero Capes allows you and your child to become real world heroes through each purchase. That is because with each purchase, 10% of the sale is donated directly to the Discovery Arts Program. This is a program that "brings music, art, dance and drama to children with cancer, serious blood disorders and life threatening illness while they are in the hospital receiving treatment." (www.discoveryarts.org)
Furthermore, A Little Hero Courage Capes are available for purchase. This is a special line of capes that are delivered directly to the hospitalized child while they are undergoing treatment.
With Little Hero Capes, you not only help to expand your own child’s heroic adventures, but also can provide a child in need with a little more courage to face the day.
 The Family Behind A Little Hero
Our Story:
I watched in bewilderment as my three-year-old ran back and forth holding a dishtowel around his neck. As I sat watching closely and laughing quietly, it became apparent -- at one point or another, every child will need a cape.
In all honesty, the first cape I made was not by any means super. Made from extra scraps of light-blue linen, it was just a step above the dishtowel… but at least it stayed on. Luckily, my sewing and design skills heightened, as did my child’s adventures. Soon, his friends took notice of his cool new cape, and the little hero in each of them wanted also to emerge.
Before long, I was watching several caped kids run playfully around, planning daring rescues with their imaginations soaring -- all in the boundaries of my living room walls. It was magical! Even the shyest of children could summon courage as a caped crusader. It made me realize that inside each child lays an abundance of strength and courage waiting eagerly for a mission. I saw that capes had the power to bring little heroes to life.

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